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Paige Kassalen

I am an electrical engineer with experience leading projects focused on autonomous vehicles, virtual reality, and a solar-powered airplane!


In 2016, I was the only American, only female engineer, and youngest member of the ground crew to help the world's first solar-powered airplane fly around the world! 

Now, I specialize in helping organizations solve ambiguous problems and developing business cases to implement high-tech solutions.

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About Me:

My work with Solar Impulse landed me on the 2017 Forbes 30 Under 30 list in the energy category and also kick-started my career as an advocate for woman in STEM. 

After Solar Impulse, I found my passion in autonomous vehicles. This is the "Space Race" of our generation and want to be a part of building the future of mobility.

I attended an autonomous vehicle conference where the presenter lineup lacked diversity, so I decided that it was time to start sharing my work with autonomous vehicles publicly! Since then, I have spoken at 5 autonomous vehicle conferences around the country and built a virtual reality sales and marketing tool for autonomous vehicles.

I wanted to take this passion for the future of mobility to the next level and now am furthering my education at Carnegie Mellon University and working with Metro21: Carnegie Mellon's Smart Cities Institute.