Speaking Inquiries

  1. 1
    Finding Your Inner Courage
    Sometimes I think "how did I have the courage to do that?" In this talk, I go through examples from my past to explain how to embrace getting out of your comfort zone.
    Audience: all
  2. 2
    Navigating College as a Women in STEM
    In college, I was not always confident in my abilities. In this talk, I highlight what I did to overcome self-doubt and how having a support system is an important factor.
    Audience: grade school or college students
  3. 3
    Women in Autonomous Vehicles
    Equal access to mobility will drastically enhance our society. To ensure the solution will meet the needs of everyone, we must have a diverse set of people at the table.
    Audience: grade school, college or professional women
  4. 4
    Solar Impulse
    In 2016, I helped a solar-powered airplane fly around the world only using the power of the sun. In this talk, I explain what I learned from making the impossible possible.
    Audience: All
"Three of my students are considering changing their major next year to engineering. I was talking with them today and they all said you were the primary influence in their decision." 
“Paige's lecture was my favorite because the other students and I were able to connect with it. We can really relate to her with her age and past.
High School Science Teacher 
Student from the Westinghouse Science and Honors Institute

Let's Talk!

Some major speaking engagements include: Fast Company Innovation Festival (NYC), Science Day at JFK (NYC), Woman in Engineering Leadership Summit (Atlanta), Pittsburgh Regional Science and Engineering Fair (Pittsburgh), and was a 2016 finalist for speaking at SXSW